Q247 : Resources for Understanding the Book of Revelation

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Q247 : Resources for Understanding the Book of Revelation

Dear Dr. Wood

I am attempting a study Revelation and have recently found you on TV.

In this undertaking I am attempting to write a sermon for each chapter in order to teach this most important part of the Bible so that God revering people will be able to understand as Revelation is a bit confusing to most. I also feel that we are currently in the lead-ins of Revelations and most of Gods people do not understand the need.

Could I purchase or obtain a copy of your presentations on Revelation?

I am also interested in attending a Bible School in order to enhance this undertaking and would respect your recommendation.

A247 : by Andy Woods

I don't have any CDs from the TV program to sell you since they are under the control of TBN. The best thing to do is to check back on this website since they will most likely be posted here once they become available on the Internet.

In the meantime, here's the same content of what I gave on TV in the form of audio files:

Also, on the links below you can access my Revelation book summaryc, which is available on this website in written form.

If you are getting interested in Revelation, I also recommend to you the two-volume commentary written by Tony Garlandd who runs this website.

[Tony's Revelation commentary and companion audio coursee are available on a free CDROM on the Book of Revelationf. — Ed.]

God bless you as your study this important book.

In Him, Andy

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