Q32 : Courses at SpiritAndTruth.org

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Q32 : Courses at SpiritAndTruth.org

I would like to know more about your studies. I have some questions. Are these studies free?, Do you study them at your own pace? Where do you begin, at the particular study available at the time or is there a recommended starting place? Can you answer these questions and explain a little more?.

A32 : by Tony Garland

  1. Are the studies free?

    Yes. Everything we offer at our website is without charge. This is one of the platforms of our ministry—to make teaching material available as widely as possible and as freely as possible. Even our teaching CDROMs are offered at no charge.

  2. Do you study them at your own pace?

    Yes. The different studies are recordings of different presentations. Sometimes the material was presented as part of a series of weekly classes for a church (or a seminary). Other times, the studies are simply recordings on topics which a teacher has made independently. The material is always available on the website (or CD) and can be studied at whatever pace the student desires. The one exception would be several of the courses which are available for college credit through Tyndale Theological Seminarya. When you take such a course, the seminary charges for its materials and the credits that you receive. Even so, the same studies can always be undertaken independently for free.

  3. Where do you begin, at the particular study available at the time or is there a recommended starting place.

    All of our courses are listed HEREb. At present, we don't have a recommended sequence for study. As the collections of studies grows, we may be able to provide a suggested order to undertake them. At present, you can jump into any study that interests you. Those that are marked are more recent—or currently in progress, progressing in approximately weekly installments.

    We offer a subscription pagec where you can sign up to receive email notification as new courses or lessons are added to the site. New courses are typically added 4-6 times a year whereas new lessons are added almost weekly.

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