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NOTE: Due to security changes in many web browsers, WordLinks may not run directly from a hard drive or CDROM. Although it is possible to successfully run WordLinks locally through a simulated web server, we are unable to provide assistance to do so. Access to downloadable WordLinks modules is being provided for those who have the knowledge to work around the javascript restrictions most modern web browser impose on local file content.

The WordLinks Bible Study program is not really a program in the traditional sense. It does not install on your machine. It is made up of a combination of HTML and Javascript text files which can be read by any internet browser which supports javascript. This also means that WordLinks can run on any computer (operating system) which can read javascript and HTML. It is platform-independent. Nothing needs to be installed in the traditional sense. Just download the basic WordLinks module to a directory (location) on your computer and then open the study\index.htm file to start WordLinks.

The disadvantage of this approach is that the size of the files is much greater than a native bible study tool which installs on your computer. And the performance suffers too (it is slower). But if you have a fairly fast machine and have WordLinks installed on the hard drive, it works reasonably well for most things. But you may want to take a look at some other recommended bible study programs which provide much faster operation with better features.

Assuming you downloaded WordLinks to a directory named c:\WordLinks, then you would start the program by opening c:\WordLinks\study\index.htm. Whenever you add an optional study module, download and uncompress it into the same directory where WordLinks was initially placed (e.g., c:\Wordlinks) and make sure to preserve the pathnames within the downloaded archive during expansion. Then restart WordLinks to see the new study module appear in the list of available books.

If you copy WordLinks onto a CDROM, just insert the CDROM into your computer and under WindowsTM, WordLinks with automatically start and run directly from the CD.

Adding Books to a CDROM

If you are already running WordLinks from a CDROM and want to add more books to those already present on the CDROM, you can download them from here. However, in order to use the new books, you must first copy the CDROM contents into a directory (e.g., c:\WordLinks). Then download the books, unzip them into the same directory, and run WordLinks from your hard drive by opening c:\WordLinks\study\index.htm. It is not possible to add books to the CDROM itself. (You can create a new CD from the updated files on your hard drive if you have a CDROM programmer.)

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WordLinks Bible Study

Contains basic set of bible study tools, including: KJV Bible with BDB-Thayer's Lexicons topically linked with Naves Topical Bible. Required in order to use any of the optional modules below.
16MMon Apr 17 22:23:39 2023
American Standard Version (ASV) Bible Module

The American Standard Version of 1901.
3MWed Dec 6 15:31:52 2023
Master Index Module

A merged Index of Nave's Topical Bible, The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary and the CrossLinks Topical Index. Useful for quickly finding all information concerning a topic or scripture passage of interest from within WordLinks.
770KWed Dec 6 15:31:53 2023
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE) Module

An excellent conservative encyclopedia of the Bible. This is the 1939 edition which is now in the public domain. Highly recommended!
10MWed Dec 6 15:31:55 2023
King James 2000 (KJ2K) Bible Module

A modern rendition of the classic favorite.
3MWed Dec 6 15:31:56 2023
Literal Translation (LITV) Bible Module

Literal Version by Jay P. Green, Sr. Courtesy of Sovereign Grace Publishing.
3MWed Dec 6 15:31:56 2023
New American Standard Bible (NASB) Module with Strong's Numbers

The 1995 update version of The New American Standard Bible The NASB appears by special permission of the The Lockman Foundation and may not be extracted for use in derivative works. See the copyright notice.
8MWed Dec 6 15:31:58 2023
New American Standard Bible (NASB) Module

The 1995 update version of The New American Standard Bible The NASB appears by special permission of the The Lockman Foundation and may not be extracted for use in derivative works. See the copyright notice.
6MWed Dec 6 15:31:59 2023
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary Module

The shorter version of Matthew Henry's Commentary.
2MWed Dec 6 15:31:59 2023
Modern King James (MKJV) Bible Module

By Jay P. Green, Sr. Courtesy of Sovereign Grace Publishing.
3MWed Dec 6 15:32:00 2023
Search Module

Provides the necessary files to allow searching the KJV, KJ2000, and WEB Bibles for combinations of words and phrases. This module is only suitable for use after being downloaded to your local computer since it is much too slow to use over the internet.
5MWed Dec 6 15:32:01 2023
Spanish Bible Module

The Reina-Valera (1909) Bible.
3MWed Dec 6 15:32:02 2023
Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionary Module

The basic WordLinks Module already contains Hebrew and Greek Lexicons which are in some ways superior to this module. Nevertheless, this module may be of interest to some.

1MWed Dec 6 15:32:03 2023
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Module

Using the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is like having the ultimate cross-reference bible! It contains over 500,000 cross-references between passages on related topics within the Bible. Highly recommended!
6MWed Dec 6 15:32:04 2023
World English Bible (WEB) Module

A modern translation of the Bible.
3MWed Dec 6 15:32:05 2023
CrossLinks Topical Index Module

A combined cross-reference and topical index of the Bible. A work-in-progress by SpiritAndTruth.org.
15MWed Dec 6 15:32:06 2023
Young's Literal Translation (YLT) Bible Module

A classic literal translation.
3MWed Dec 6 15:32:07 2023

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